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Extant - The Katie Nightmare

We’re Not Going Extinct, They Are!

It’s amazing what goes through one’s mind when it is set to “idle.”

Not completely idle, I was working, but my mind drifted to thoughts of the nature of the Alien/Spirit/Hallucinations that Molly has been dealing with. They are a complete mystery and we don’t what is real or unreal when it comes to these strange visitors.

Then I realized I was thinking from the wrong perspective.

I’ve always been concerned with the nature of humanity or better yet the Human Race. The show opens with the words “Extinct” morphing into “Extant.” I had assumed this threat from space (and here on Earth) would lead to our extinction and the theme would be how we, as a people of Earth, would deal with it.

I was thinking backwards. We aren’t the ones being threatened, they are!

Think of the “Meteor substance” or “Life sustaining substance” as Yasumoto called it, as a “space seed” of sorts. Whatever these alien/spirit beings are they have managed to distill the essence of their being into this substance and spread it throughout space.

They are a dying race. In fact they may have died out completely and the only thing left is the substance to carry on and look for a host.

As Carl Sagan used to say, “We are all the stuff of stars.” Everything we are came from those distant points of light. Well, in the Aliens/Spirits case they took this as an inspiration and scattered their remnants throughout the galaxy.

Naturally, for the sake of out story, an evil industrialist has found this substance and intends on using it for his own selfish purposes.

He may get more than he bargained for.

I think the “Substance” can select and adapt to a host. The end result? A new breed of Alien/Spirit being that now resides in a human body. Will this work? We don’t know. I’m not even sure the Aliens know.

What if there are difficulties adapting to their new form? What if we actively resist? Or what if humanity is incompatible with the Alien/Spirits?

Might a synthetic life form be more suitable? Maybe this is where the show is heading. The Alien/Spirits aren’t necessarily hostile and maybe as a people we should be more hospitable. Lend a helping hand to a race that needs our help. If there aren’t enough of us (or too many!) or we’re incompatible then why not let the Humanics become their new hosts. The Aliens could could embody this new host and sail off into the galaxy to look for their own home or they could stay with us and work towards a brighter future. People are distrustful and disdainful of synthetic life on Extant so what if a truly sentient force took over the Humanics? Wouldn’t that make them a little more palatable? (Especially if they are slightly superior to us.)

It’d be nice if this show ended on a high note. Two species learning to live together and exploring the future as one. It doesn’t always have to be a hostile invasion does it?

Why not in saving them we save our selves.

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Going Full Circle on Continuum.

Sometimes the continuity works better from my blog page. Yes?

Orphan Black - Ladies Night

Orphan Black made its long awaited return this past Saturday and as usual the best thing about it was Tatiana Maslany.

Yes, we have the conspiracy theories, the dueling forces of evil, the high drama of child kidnapping and of course, clones, clones, clones.

All of which was made all the more meaningful due to the exceptional work of Maslany.

Let’s take a look at our favorite ladies and how they were reintroduced for the season 2 opener.


The episode picks up right where we left off and as usual Sarah is getting her a** in and out of trouble. (Yes, that was a salute to Felix and his striking after hours wear.) Everything revolves around Sarah and as always her world is turned upside down. Sarah is either running to or from something. I find this a bit tiresome and really think she was more interesting when she had to share her identity with the deceased Beth. Having Sarah constantly chasing about makes her character one dimensional and less interesting. I think the writers sensed the same and added a little twist to her fate as the episode drew to a close.

That being said, Sarah is looking for her daughter Kira who has been snatched away along with Mrs. S. Kira’s fate is important in that she is important to Sarah (naturally) and her recovery will lead to more answers to the competing forces of evil that constantly pull at Sarah’s world. In finding more about this plot thread we’ll learn why Sarah is so important to the Dyad Institute.

Tatiana plays Sarah with reckless abandon as this character always seems to be running downhill. Tatiana excels at this as she always captures Sarah’s breathless exasperation. Thankfully, we get those precious moments where Sarah gets to outwit her opponents but as I noted earlier, her character’s constant running about makes Sarah literally tiresome to follow. That will change.


My personal favorite. We find Alison free to carry about her normal like courtesy of the Dyad Institute. Thankfully Alison hasn’t changed at all. She still that tightly wrapped porcelain doll of a soccer mom that is right on the edge of hysteria.

Tatiana is so great with Alison. She nails Alison’s cool veneer as she goes about her daily rituals whether it’s shopping outside the local market for recreational drugs or her weapons of choice. We get to see Alison as comes to grips with a midnight visit from Felix and coolly dismisses her tubby husband (the nauseating Donnie and his black briefs) and we later see her fight for her life when Daniel and his Dyad thugs mistakenly make a play for her. Tatiana totally gets Alison’s comedic side as she is at once panicked but also capable of defending herself. She kicks and screams and voices her outrage as she is thrown inside the van. Naturally, as she is released she straitens herself out and goes on as if nothing happened. Don’t ever change Alison.


Cosima is a crowd favorite. She is appealing to both men and women alike and Tatiana knows to depict Cosima as an intellectual powerhouse with a softer loving side. When we left Cosima she was in the throes of the discovery of her illness. There is no panic here however as this just gives Cosima another reason to pursue her science. True to her character, Cosima is more concerned with her fellow clones than with herself. The only time we see her weaken is when she is with Delphine.

Delphine is her love. Yes there are questions of trust but that only seems to bring the two closer together. Cosima physically softens when she is around Delphine. Her eyes widen when she looks at Delphine as if searching for answers. It’s also as if she is opening a door to Delphine to walk through but only if she can trust her. It’s similar to the dynamic between Sarah and Paul but with considerably more soul. Someone please give Tatiana an Emmy.


The newest addition to the clone club. Tatiana sells Rachel through her cool superior and executive exterior. I’d love to see what is going on inside and perhaps someday soon we will. The only hint to Rachel’s inner personality was when Sarah smacks her to the floor of the Dyad Institute and she tells Sarah, “Nobody touches me.”


Good to know. Rachel is a bit robotic and I loved how she called Leekie to heel. But there is something ticking deep down there and it could be a bomb. It’s pretty obvious Rachel has to be in control but she knows what is going on. She has answers that even the viewing audience doesn’t know what the question is. No doubt her main concern is the genetic defect that plagues the clones. More to follow.


I have to confess I was not happy to see her back. Dead is dead except in the comic books (or Continuum) and this device has been done to death. (Bad pun.) But this is where I think the writers are making their play to make Sarah a more interesting character. Sarah has Art and Paul to bounce off of (eek, another bad pun when Paul is taken into account) and Tatiana’s portrayal of Sarah becomes more complex with both gentlemen. But it pales in comparison with her relationship with Helena.

Helena is the enemy. She represents the Prolethean faction and is responsible for killing Sarah’s mother. Their shared mother that is!

How is that for conflict?!!!

Tatiana should absolutely kill this. I expect Sarah to go after Helena with a nightmarish vengeance. In return, the off the wall Helena will probably turn Sarah’s world upside down. Especially, as we learned, the Prolethean’s are probably responsible for Kira’s kidnapping. I’m not digging Helena’s new found recuperative powers but to paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Crazy is as crazy does.”

Get that Emmy statue warmed up.

Odds and Ends

One of the great things that Orphan Black does is have Tatiana portray characters portraying another character. When Sarah walked into the Dyad event she shudders and whispers an accented, “Oh shite.” Shen then slips into her American accent and has everyone fooled with a slightly stiff Cosima. Everyone except Delphine that is. Those lips will tell! True to her relationship with Cosima, Delphine does not expose Sarah but acts to protect her. Now there is trust. If only Cosima was there to see it.

Another great tell into Tatiana’s take on her Cosima/Sarah crossover is the subtle cues she employs. Seen above, Sarah peers over Cosima’s glasses in order to see into the distance. Pure gold. A nuisance to Sarah a necessity to Cosima.

The Inter-clone sequence

I was going to complain over the weak inter-clone sequence where Tatiana brings Sarah together with Cosima in the loft. Pfft, they’ve done better than that I thought.

Geeez, the Dyad office sequence was so great I totally forgot it was the same actress playing the same clone! How utterly seamless! Sarah pins Rachel down, sticks a gun in her face and totally bitch slaps her.

Get the Emmy ready for special effects and editing too.

It wasn’t the greatest of episodes to start the season but great things happened and I’m sure there will be more to follow.

The greatest of which is Tatiana Maslany.

Continuum’s True Detective Moment

“F***, I don’t want to know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, ‘Time is a flat circle.’ Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again. And that little boy and that little girl, they’re gonna be in that room again and again and again forever.”

- Rust Cohle, True Detective.

Continuum had it’s True Detective “flat circle” moment during it’s season three premier, “Minute by Minute.” We find the character of Stan Escher sitting in an art gallery contemplating an eerie looking circle. I couldn’t help but think of True Detective and the nihilist musings of Rust Cohle. I wonder if Escher was thinking the same thing as Cohle as he stared at the circle, where we’re all doomed to repeat our actions and free will is just a fantasy as we march endlessly through our existential crises over and over.

Escher soon met the same fate as Reggie Ledoux in True Detective. Reggie had told Cohle that he seen him before in a dream and started rambling about black stars and doing it all over again. Reggie soon caught a bullet from Marty Hart and so it was with Escher. Escher revealed to Kellog that he knew who he was and it wasn’t long after that he also caught a bullet at the hands of Emily.

Normally, I would have thought we have seen the last of Escher but considering we’ve already seen Keira up and about and standing behind Alec after Alec finds her dead with a bullet to the brain in his week old time travel flashback, then I guess not.

Keira had thought the same thing as me as she gave Curtis a bewildered look and she wondered aloud to him that she had killed him. (The “time cop” prison scene.) How could he be alive if she shot him in the past? That question was answered, as I just mentioned, when Keira glowered at the grief stricken Alec as he stood up over her lifeless body.

The only answer to this is time streams or if you wish splinters of time. You can be alive in the future and dead in the past as long as you’ve existed in one or more of both.

That makes total sense.

But doesn’t that mean Keira’s family in the future of 2077 is a different version than the one she left? How different? If time can be fixed and history preserved, as Curtis Chen and his cohorts would have us believe, then how could he be alive without being in a different timeline? Dead is dead right?

Eh, maybe not.

Of course now we have and had two versions of Alec and Keira existing in the same timeline considering Keira is staring at her own lifeless body.

Rust Cohle’s flat circle was easier to understand.

If I read this correctly Escher will return, it will just be a different version of him from a different timeline. His flat circle is repetitious with the option of being from a different circle even though your are cognizant of that previous circle. Cohle’s flat circle exists in the same timeline but you exist as different characters, or if you will, characters that have been reincarnated and only vaguely aware of their past if at all.

Someone hit me in the head with a frying pan please.

Time is a flat circle and I have a feeling I’ll be writing about this again.

Helix - Dans l’Ombre

Do you think we’ll ever get tired of saying, “I didn’t see that coming?”

Not when it comes to Helix and hopefully when season two comes around this mind warping series will keep the good times rolling. (Along withe the heads!)

I’m going to blog on this season finale in more depth but I wanted to get something out asap because I know the Helix world will be buzzing about his entry both inside and outside the Arctic circle. I’ll be back either Sunday or Monday with a more in depth examination or perhaps just pile on to this one.

*Spoilers* *Spoilers* *Spoilers*

This past episode of Helix was titled Dans L’ombre, which loosely translated from the French means, “into or in the shadows or dark.” I had mused on Facebook if this meant one or more of our characters would go over to the dark side or would darkness fall over all.

Oh, I think we got our share of the dark side and it was for all! Was there anyone smiling by the end of this episode?

Yes, there was.

Who’d a thunk Julia would join the Ilaria mafia? When she kissed Alan near the end, I think Alan should thank his lucky stars it wasn’t the kiss of death. One of the final scenes looked to be a board meeting of the Ilaria corporation and at the head of the table was an empty seat. “Oh good” I thought to myself, “We’re going to see who the big bad is.” In walks Julia. (I don’t suppose they call her Jules at these little get togethers.)

Julia looked resplendent in her red power suit as she strode into the meeting. She also looked rather pleased with herself. If you’re an optimist you can tell yourself Julia is going to tear Ilaria down from the inside out and she’s working one of the great long cons in TV corporate history.

But since Helix is simply dripping like black goo with negativity I’d say she’s gone over to the dark side. Absolute power corrupts absolutely? And this is after Spencer killed her mother? She did give Alan the canister and told him to “find her” as she booted him out of the helicopter so she must know he’s out there and he has the cure/virus so why isn’t Alan dead?

Since they are both in Paris maybe she’ll give him an offer he can’t refuse

Speaking of the dark side and “I didn’t see that coming” Peter’s been there all along.

Boy, this guy holds a grudge. Did Alan smash any of his National Science awards? Pete’s been working with Ilaria all along even to the point of becoming a Vector for them. What do they have hanging over his head ala Hatake? Or is he in it to win it? (Peter is responsible for the destruction of the ABS base with everyone in it. I’ll get to who lives or dies in the next post.) By the end however he seems to be working with Alan in the shadows. Did he switch sides again or is he keeping an eye on Alan. If he’s working for Ilaria still, why hasn’t he ratted out Alan’s whereabouts and have Scythe/Spencer do his dirty work? Is Julia staying his hand? (Hope for her after all?)


“Your people have been doing this for centuries with your witch trials and inquisitions”

So spake Spencer as he made good his escape. “Your people”. Hmmm, are you and your silver eyed immortals that set apart Spencer?

Did you know, Ilaria is an extinct genus of marsupial of the family Ilariidae, dating from the Late Oligocene of South Australia. Its diet consisted of leaves.” ? So, maybe like marsupials, the Immortals really are set apart from the rest of humanity and evolved separately. This ties in the Willis Hypothesis and the “Age and Area” theory. Australia is the home to the marsupials where they evolved or mutated given the boundaries or barriers of that island nation. An interesting parallel this may explain where Ilaria gets its name.

There was also a Saint Illaria. I got this from “Feminae: Medieval Woman and Gender index.

The Life of St. Ilaria [translation of a traditional account of St. Ilaria from “Meterikon,” Volume 4, Edition of the Sacred Monastery of Panagia of Evros (Alexandroupolis, 1993); the story recounts that Saint Ilaria, the daughter of King Zeno, escaped to Egypt to live as a male ascetic in the desert; her sister, possessed by a demon, was brought to Egypt for healing; Ilaria healed her and was forced to reveal her identity to her father; he rejoiced and regretfully allowed her to return to her life in the desert as the eunuch Ilarion].

Kind of sounds like Julia doesn’t it? What with discovering her father and being two different people now, mortal/immortal and good versus evil.

Okay I’ll be back soon with more and Helix will return with a newborn from Sarah. Silver eyes or no?

(We should all chip in for a “Kiss my Bass” baby cap for the baby shower.)

Helix - “What’s In The Box”

"Even monsters have their reasons."

Anyone that’s scene the movie, “Seven” knows the famous tag line, “What’s in the box?” The harrowing answer turned out to be both stunning and tragic. I instantly thought of that quote when a box of sorts was revealed to open the latest episode of Helix, “The Reaping,”

Like Chekov’s Gun once the box was revealed at the beginning it had better “go off” by the end of the episode. Boy, did it ever. Spoilers ensue.

I should mention the quote to start this blog post (“Even monsters have their reasons.”) came from an exchange between Sarah Jordan and Julia Walker when they discussed the motivations ranging from people like Hatake to Spencer Chissik aka “The Scythe.” But why bring “The Box” all the way back to ABS? As leverage for Hatake to give up his research and in doing so, his self?

Certainly it wasn’t to leverage Julia, Spencer didn’t even know Jane was related to Julia. Couldn’t he have provide Hatake with a video feed or perhaps a body part to convince Hatake to surrender?

Speaking of body parts, did anyone else get the feeling that this particular appendage would grow back for Julia? She did mention to Hatake in the “Montana bunker” that he was “healing nicely.” A clue perhaps to their amazing recuperative powers? Of course, we all know this doesn’t apply to heads. Hatake has provided us with a lesson in that. But how are the two related? Why fingers and not heads? If the finger does grow back we will gain some more insight into the nature of the immortals.

But I digress! Thanks to the opening of the box we’ve learned that Julia’s mother and Hatake’s wife is still alive. I had mused that her head was being kept somewhere but this is even better. I’m pretty sure Hatake had told us Jane was dead. If I recall, he had blamed the chained up Gunnar for her death. Was he lying? He has proven to be an untrustworthy narrator.

Jane has obviously aged, thus precluding any notion that she is an immortal. So this reveals another demon released from the Pandora’s box that was her prison. Jane being a mortal and having a child is a miracle. So sayeth Spencer the Scythe. “A miracle” were the words he used. Not an abomination mind you, a miracle.

An interesting choice of words. Apparently Mr. Scythe was impressed. Does he think of himself a miracle? It doesn’t seem that way. He did refer to Sutton as his mother but there was no reference that he shared any similarity to Julia. It makes one wonder if Sutton was his biological mother. I’m going to go out on a limb and say no.

A similar dynamic played out to start our episode. Daniel challenged Hatake with the closeness of their family ties. While Hatake professed his love for Daniel and reiterated that Daniel was his son. Daniel countered while that may be true he still wasn’t of Hatake’s blood. Hatake had no response for that but the hurt was evident on his face.

Where was the hurt on Spencer’s face when he realized his “mother” was dead? Immortals are not bereft of emotion so where was the anguish from Spencer? At first I thought being forever 15 had something to do with it but then realized his psychopathic nature was probably more responsible. (Hanging out with Colombians? I’m guessing it’s the narco-terrorist kind.) We have a bit of a toss up here. Either Spencer is incapable of the anguish because of his psychopathic nature or Sutton wasn’t his biological mother and believe the latter to be true.

If there is one thing that Helix gets right it is the family dynamic. I hated to see Daniel go and the heartbreak Hatake displayed looked real. Fortunately, Meegwun Fairbrother portrays Daniels twin, Tulok, so he isn’t necessarily off the show. I wonder how Hatake will react when he is face to face with Tulok. I’m sure it will be a powerful scene.

To further the bizarre nature of the family dynamic in Helix we have this video taped scene between Sutton and Hatake that Spencer was viewing. When Sutton referred to “This abomination” I wasn’t so sure she was talking about Julia. She seems to be holding up one of casings that holds the two strains of the Narvik virus. The writers seem to be teasing us with what Sutton is actually referring to since both subjects, Julia and the virus, are mentioned in the same breath. Sutton did use the familiar, “your daughter” to characterize Julia so I’m guessing she thinks the virus is the abomination.

I’m also gratified to see “The Willis Hypothesis” reintroduced. I hung my hat on that notion as to Hatake’s cure for the Immortals and their having to die 10,000 times and or splicing it into the Vectors. A clue to the nature of his “Willis” work came when Hatake mentioned to Alan, “I have dedicated many lifetimes” to his work. Many lifetimes of the others he’s seen pass him by in his immortality or the many lifetimes he’s painfully endured regenerating 10,000 times as Gunnar obliquely referred to?

"Even monsters have their reasons"

So, to get back to my earlier premise, Sarah, I think you just spoke a thousand words (10,000 words?) and revealed the true reasoning behind Hatake’s work.

It’s worthy to note in the same exchange between Alan and Hatake the two argued over whether immortality improved humanity. Alan saw the the obvious downside to that philosophy while Hatkae seem to favor the reverse.

When Brad Pitt’s character implored to Spacey’s , John Doe, “What’s in the Box?” he was urged by Morgan Freeman’s Somerset not to look. Because if he did he would change and Doe would win. Doe did win. Now that the box has been opened on Helix who will win?

It should be a game changer. Who will it affect the most? Hatkae with the revelation his wife is still alive and now being held hostage? Or Julia now knowing her mother is still with us?

Odds and Ends.

Who is the “He” that Spencer refers to in his digital messaging to start the show? The one that always gets “the credit.” Don’t tell me he has a brother.

Hatake was thirteen when he was immortalized?

Sarah reiterates she’s always wanted to leave her mark on humanity. Now she has an eternity to do so?

The Hawaiian music as the elevator descends and Julia is taken. So funny.

Alan finds the Julia pictures Vector Peter hoarded. Peter claims not to remember. Yeah, right.

The “Hobson’s choice” for Hatake ala Fringe. A choice where there is no upside or the illusion of choice. (Choosing between his children. We saw it on an “Arrow” island episode too!)

Alan the tactical genius. I was wondering when he was going to grow a pair. Well done Alan.

The scene where Alan and Peter fight like brothers. Again, a real strength of Helix. So convincing.

The cured Peter facing up to his actions. Will this go somewhere in the future?

Sarah rocking the “Kiss My Bass” cap. Both clever and very funny. Menaced by Immortals, Vectors and untrustworthy allies. Sarah shows some real “tude”. As I said in my Facebook post of the same nature. “You go girl!.”

One episode to go!

Will this Japanese fable of the fountain of youth come into play for Helix?

Helix - Black Rain

So,the Immortals are really the undead from another planet that have transcended their ghostly plane to live here on earth but have to die 10,000 time in order to remain immortal and that’s why they were looking for a cure from Hatake!

Phew! Let me catch my breath.

Do I really believe that? No, but I recognize the actor, Robert Naylor, that played ghost, Stevie Atkins from SyFy’s “Being Human.” So, naturally he must be a ghost from another planet in Helix right?

I’d believe just about anything right now. Ghostly beings from another plane of existence? Sure why not.

Do I like that Naylor’s character, The Scythe, is an assassin about to reap anyone that gets in his way? The jury’s out on that one but I’m leaning towards not really. I don’t like the shift to the murderous macabre. Spooky I can take but a bloody Spartacus like turn I don’t think I would like. I love the camp and crazy of Helix but bloodletting for it’s own sake I can do without.

Having “The Scythe” on board does raise an interesting question though. Is his job to keep the Immortal 500 at 500? I wonder if their immortality also depends on their limited numbers. As if there can only be 500 because of their limited food supply. No, that can’t be it. Gunnar said they could sustain temselves with food and water. We know that isn’t in short supply.

His particular “tool of trade” looks ominous though. The better to lop of heads with and we all know that when an Immortals head is removed that’s the ballgame!

Unless the head is saved in a jar of course, then Hatake will bring you back with his miracle cure all that he picked up studying The Willis Hypothesis.

Now that’s believable.

I do like the idea that the Immortal 500 has to stay at 500 I just can’t figure out why yet. If true, this may explain the tears Hatake shed during the episode, “Aniqatiga.” He may have been crying because Julia would now be a target of The Scythe because they’ve gone over their limit.

That doesn’t bode well for Sarah. Now that she is a member of the Silver Eyed Club does that put her on Stevie’s, I mean, The Scythe’s short list?

Of course, Hatake could have been crying because he now knows Julia will have to die 10,000 times in order to remain immortal as Gunnar explained to us. What father wouldn’t cry for that?

Do you suppose that Julia, Sarah and now Peter will get exempt status from The Scythe because of their hybrid nature, part mortal part immortal?


Yeah, that probably put them at the top of the list. Which would mean that The Scythe’s real job is to keep the bloodline pure.

That’s probably it but I’m holding out hope that the Immortal 500 has to remain at 500. Sutton got ticked off she found out Hatake had worked on a second virus. Which would mean the original virus was to eradicate mankind. Do the 500 need a planet all to themselves? Is there a resource here they can’t share with 7 billion people? Would the Narvik B virus allow humanity to coexist with the 500?

We have two episodes left the season to find out.

Oops Department.

When the Illaria army was making it’s fast (and fake) approach to the ABS base we got a quick glimpse of the satellite antenna. You can see it in the screen grab immediately above and in the far right side of the frame.

Who fixed that? Didn’t Sergio knock that thing down? A continuity mistake by the Helix production people? Did I miss something?

*Spoiler Section*

Don’t read if you want to have total surprise for the next Helix episode.

I accidentally found out that by virtue of the internet that Hatake is 500 years old. This information originally came from the teaser which I had missed. Oh well.

So what happens when you subtract 500 years from the current timeline? You get the year 1514 which is the time when Ponce de Leon was searching Florida for the fountain of youth.


I said it was a spoiler.